About Local Burrito

About Local Burrito, Iowa City

Our Story

We are an Iowa City event catering company whose mission is to supply freshly prepared, ethically raised organic food. We network with local family farms to source the freshest ingredients possible. Our products distinguish themselves with a down home farm-fresh flavor combined with gourmet seasoning. Our breakfast burritos have a fanfare style following at the Iowa City Farmers Market and our recipe has been tested and proven through almost 30,000 burritos served in the last eight years. Recently, we launched our Mobile Food Truck and expanded gourmet taco menu. Choose from the Korean-Mexican Steak Fusion Taco with local grass-fed beef, black beans, Spanish rice, bean sprouts, cucumber spears, cilantro and fresh salsa, to the Veggie Tempe Deluxe Taco with pan fried tempe and lots of local organic veggies. Follow on Twitter or Facebook for daily location updates.


Established in 2009.

About Local Burrito: Local Burrito began out of hunger, a craving for something good to eat at the Iowa City Saturday Farmers Market. Founder and Owner Kyle Sieck, was selling produce for Echollective Farm and CSA at the time and desired something better than baked goods or egg rolls for breakfast. Gaining experience with Urb Garden catering, Kyle capitalized on the opportunity to sell a delicious breakfast with ingredients that came strictly from the farmers market and surrounding area. Taking a chance on passion for something better, Kyle’s small burrito stand has grown into a blossoming catering business and mobile food truck service. Local Burrito can also be found at the New Pioneer Co-Op locations in Iowa City and Coralville, in the form of a ready to eat, “grab and go” breakfast burrito. Future plans are to expand ready to eat burritos, grow catering service and rock the food truck wherever hungry patrons gather!

Meet the Business Owner

About Local Burrito, Iowa City

Business Owner, Kyle Sieck

Kyle is currently married to his business. From a half-baked idea seven years ago, his idea has snowballed into a double-full time job. Kyle studied Geography, Philosophy and is also a trained Master Gardener and Permaculture Designer. Local Burrito is the outcome of this training. Food is  such an important role in our lifes, it touches not only our culture, but our personal well being and that off the larger Earth eco-system. Making a living supporting farms that heal the planet while serving people healthy food has become a mission, a full plate and way of life.