Wedding and Event Catering

Truck-side Taco Bar

All taco bars include the following

Jasmine Curry Rice

Seasonal Organic Grilled Veggies

Choice of two proteins

Choice of salad (slaw or house greens)

Local Chips and Chef’s Garden Salsa

Diced Iowa Cheese Curds

Cilantro and Hot Sauces

Truck-side Nacho Bar

All nacho bars include the following

Local Corn Chips

Chef’s Garden Pico de Gallo

Chipotle Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Cheese Curd Queso

Mexican Hot Sauce Melody

We price our catering by the number of people you wish to feed, menu, location and service needs.  Below are some general price estimates for our self-serve taco bars:


 $1,000 minimum for on-site food truck catering

$400 suggested minimum for all taco bar deliveries 

 20-30 ($20.00/person) 

30-100 ($16.00/person)

101-150 ($14.00/person)

151+ ($13.00/person)



Available truck-side when added to taco bar

$240 minimum a la carte delivery

30-49 ($6/person)

50-100 ($5/person)

101-150 ($4/person)

151+ ($3/person)


Many vegetarian, vegan and meat friendly options for all!

We source only the freshest and must sustainable ingredients possible. We’ll work with you to create a custom menu that reflects your tastes, values and budget. Every catering is unique to our clients specifications!

food-knife-icoOur menu changes with the seasons. Below are just a few taco bar flavor profiles.

Farm Fresh Breakfast 

Farm fresh organic eggs, seasoned potatoes, Iowa made chorizo sausage, grilled veggies, diced cheese curds, home-made salsa and cilantro.

 Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Barley (vegan)

Iowa grown: barley, black beans and sweet potatoes, roasted in a homemade garlic teriyaki sauce. Includes local organic purple cabbage, carrot and sunflower sprout slaw, home-made salsa, garlic chipotle aioli and cilantro.

Thai Peanut Tempeh with red cabbage/carrot slaw (vegan)

Iowa grown: Organic grilled tempeh smothered in homemade thai peanut ginger sauce, mixed with grilled cabbage/carrot peanut slaw. 

Kim-chi fried rice (vegan)

Iowa grown organic red cabbage, fermented and seasoned with local organic garlic, onions and special curry blend. Order kim-chi pan seared on our griddle, or order our delicious kim-chi fried rice bowls with all the fixings! 

Korean Style Steak 

Garlic-ginger teriyaki marinated skirt steak, caramelized to perfection fresh off our cast iron grills. Combine with our home-made kim-chi for a flavor infusion out of this world!

Iowa Pork Chorizo

Proudly serving Rehberg Family Pork from Independence, IA. Featuring the oldest genetics in the country, farmer Denny’s New Hampsire pigs easily exceed expectations, combined with our culinary spices, this chorizo sausage easily some of the best pork you’ll ever eat. 

Cuban Style Pulled Pork

An exciting addition to our 2016 menu, an award winning item from the 2015 culinary ride, our Cuban style carnitas feature Rehberg Family Pork from Independence, IA, slow cooked pork shoulder, paired with sliced deli ham, homemade pickles, mustard and Iowa cheese curds. 

Adobo Pollo (chipotle chicken)

Sourcing our organic free-range chickens from the Miller Family Farm in Kalona, IA, we slow cook whole hens in our smoked five pepper/garlic chipotle adobo sauce, to pulled fajita style perfection. 

On-site Chef Services ($50/hr)

Chef Kyle and associates are available for special service requests. These fees may be applied for events under 100 guest. 

Delivery ($1/mile)

Within reasonable distance to IC downtown area, we can deliver your food hot and ready to eat.

On-site Food Truck with Service (get quote)

Everyone loves a food truck, and so will your event! Perfect for large parties, we’ll show up music playing and cook everything right on site! We’ll take orders, fold burritos, keep the food hot and let you enjoy your event worry free! Contact Chef Kyle for details.

Delivery and Basic Service (get quote)

Have us stick around to fold burritos and manage chaffing trays if you have an extended dinner time-frame. Pricing dependent upon needs, please Contact Chef Kyle for details.